Chauvet vs Swans

Caves or Swans, how do you feel today?

Warm colors from the inner heat of the cave versus a flight of a swan sailing oriental skies. Camou Chauvet VS Oriental Swans.

Both designs, worked out for the AW17-18 issue of Texitura Magazine, fit the ‘bomber jacket’ naturally, giving to this particular piece of clothing two different feels.

The Chauvet Camou pattern is inspired by the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave and all the astonishing animals represented on its walls; those ancestral paintings are the base of this camouflage design.

On the opposite side of space and time, a flock of pale swans flies towards this winter design, along with some hand drawn waves, conforming the Oriental Swans pattern.

Both prints can be purchased through our email, and also at Texitura website:

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