Mons, Pals, Plats

Mons, Munts, Bols, Plats, Pots, Pals. Is it a children song, a set of pointless onomatopoeias, or is it a pattern collection?

Primitive shapes appear when you decompose drawings that were meant to be a construction. The resulting shapes of pulling out holes from initial constructions are so basic that lead us to ancestral forms and meanings in many ways.

Ancestral and primitve is the world we inhabit and all the planets and astronomic bodies light years away.

Primitive is the shape of the tools made by first mankind on those primitive days. Also the piles of stones we’d use to communicate with other primitive beings.

Primitive those colours of nature, palettes that call up our mínimum unit of thought.

And so are the names to which these designs respond. Monosilabic words, basic units of communication of a language learned through our earliest days: our mother language, the vehicle connecting our primitive feelings and thoughts.

Mons (worlds), Munts (piles), Bols (bowls), Plats (Dishes), Pots (jars) and Pals (Sticks) are six catalan words that define some of the elements represented in these patterns.

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