VILABLAVA is a Mediterranean surface design studio trending to infinity. We design patterns and drawings to fit specific surfaces and products, with the knowledge and expertise maximizing their charm.
Our creations start from a pencil, pen or brush, and reach computer just for final adjustments, enriching a process with added value and respect to crafted disciplines and trades, without forgetting current times.

Behind the brand you will find, among a group of collaborators, a designer originally formed in EINA university, with over fifteen years of experience and fascination for print design and anything entailing serialization of a pattern: tiles, ceramics, printmaking, screen printing, dyeing techniques, marbling, &c.


 COMMISSION A DESIGN/ COLLECTION You can write for new projects and enquiries at, or just drop a line to

We will tell you about our work procedure and the way we shape our commissions. And whenever possible we’d like to meet you personally, we think it’s still the best way to communicate.

SHOP EXISTING DESIGNS In addition to asking for custom designs, you can buy patterns you’ve seen on our social media and site. Just send us an email and we’ll confirm if they are available.

You can also buy some of our patterns at Texitura Magazine.

VISIT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA Our day to day is waiting you on Facebook and Instagram, whereas you can check our portfolio updates at Behance.