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F Foulard 180x45cm
X Xtralarge 138x138cm
L Large 90x90cm
D Demi 70x70cm
M Mini 45x45cm


How to wash and care for silk

Silk comes from the prism‐like structure of its fibres, which reflect light. These low‐density fibres are spun into a lightweight, breathable yarn. Silk appears fluid and delicate, but yet it is a surprisingly strong textile. As a non‐conductor of heat, silk can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk shouldn’t be washed after every wear. Instead, hang silk garments to ventilate, away from direct sunlight which can damage the colour.
Silk is best hand-washed with a specialist detergent in lukewarm water, without soaking as this can release some dye. Rinse the silk garment without wringing.
  • To machine wash silk, wash at 30C or lower, on a low spin using a small amount of detergent. A mesh bag can help protect silk garments from snagging or twisting too much in the washer.
To dry, lay the silk garment on a towel and roll up the towel to absorb excess moisture. Then lay flat on a drying rack or hang to air dry.
  • To iron silk, use the lowest temperature on an iron, or for an energy-efficient method, simply hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam will reduce creases.

How to wash and care for wool

Wool comes from the fleece of a sheep’s thick winter coat, which is shorn in warmer months. The dense, fuzzy yarn creates a natural barrier to wind and is naturally water resistance. The crimped structure of the fibres creates tiny pockets of air, making wool breathable ‒ so you won’t get too hot.

  • Wool doesn’t need washing every time you wear it. Its fibres have a natural protective coating, making it resistant to dirt and dust. Hang to ventilate instead.
  • To wash wool, use a specialist wool detergent at 30°C with a low spin setting. Squeeze out any excess water for heavier garments, without wringing.
  • Dry woollens flat on a rack, placing a towel underneath to absorb any drips. Hanging wool up to dry will stretch pieces out of shape.
  • Fold knitwear and store in drawers with mothballs. The weight of the wool will pull the piece out of shape if it’s hung up.
  • DPills occur naturally with friction and can be easily removed with a pilling comb or a fabric shaver.


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